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As a company, our goal is to help you see more new dental patients at a lower cost per patient. Here’s two ways SMC can deliver more value for your dental group or practice:

1. Conversion coaching 

Did you know that most dental offices have only a 30-50 percent phone conversion rate? That means that for every 100 patients who call your office, only 30-50 will schedule an appointment — and even fewer will actually walk through your door.

At SMC, we regularly help our clients achieve a 75-80 percent conversion rate not just for overall phone calls, but specifically for marketing new patient leads. Why the qualifier? Because marketing leads are harder to convert than organic leads or referrals.

We’ll help make sure that your team can nail those marketing leads down — which means you’ll see a higher ROI on every marketing dollar you spend. And even better, current SMC clients get conversion coaching for zero extra cost! (Contact your CSM to get started).

2. Google Verified check mark on search

We’re excited to announce that Google has just expanded their Google Verified check mark authentication program to include dental practices! Local businesses that participate in the program get a check mark icon and improved visibility on Google search results.

Our marketing team is currently testing how to use this new development to help make your practice stand out to potential new patients. We see the potential for not only better ad performance, but increased new patient trust, and will continue to explore how we can use this development to better serve you.

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